A trained singer, actress, dancer, musician, and choreographer. Makes her debut onstage when she was six with a lead role in the musical, The Music Machine.

Ever since then, she has performed and directed numerous musicals and plays, performing for national and international audiences alike. Studied music theory and violin in the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico‘s children’s program for eight years.

Started her ballet and jazz training at Yoli Studio with Yolanda Muñoz in her native island of Puerto Rico. She became a professional choreographer when she was 17 years old.

Lived in Spain and Italy for 11 years, where she continued her career as a professional Contemporary Modern dancer and choreographer, training and working closely with choreographer and mentor, Gilberto Nati in La Compagnia Dei Sogni Dance Company in Italy, performing in Rome and in Milan’s top theatres and venues.

Moved to North Carolina, in 2011, where she still resides with her husband and two sons. After years of working as a Dance Instructor, choreographer, and Drama Teacher in the North Raleigh Area, she now works Director of Field of Dreams Performing Arts in Wake Forest, NC.

Worked as an actor and casting director in the movies Another Chance and Fat Chance; Starred in the movie Christmas Wander, in which she received a nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film from the 2018 International Christian Film Festival.